Naruto and tenten dating fanfiction

Adaptational sexuality: tenten, sai, and samui are gay in this the ace: sasuke, he is the best student in class without trying, has all the girls swooning for him, is the best looking guy in school, and is rich adorkable: naruto, when he sleeps with a stuffed half bear and half frog and calls it froggy-bear it is kinda hard not to be this all girls want. Some time after naruto and tenten were formally engaged, gaara had started officially dating two women at the same time it had caught everyone by surprise, especially his siblings temari and kakarou were expecting matsuri to be the girl for gaara, but not only did their younger brother take his former student, but also another fangirl, sari a year after naruto and tenten. Naruto notices tenten, who has lots of love for him she doesn't tell him, but wants to be with him ever since he beat neji, she can't stop thinking about him. Read chapter 13 from the story away from here (naruto fanfic) by wolfphantom8 with 5,196 reads rookie9, sasunaru, kurama hello everyone just a reminder i.

Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy, unique charisma, and his ability to change people, naruto uzumaki has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined him and others a relationship that shaped naruto's character, albeit unintentionally, was with the tailed. Browse through and read or take thousands of neji stories, quizzes, and other creations. Fanfiction | unleash dinner date i don't own naruto this is merely a one-shot, or if i get at least 30 or more reviews one it, perhaps a series date he looked inside the office of the hokage, checking to see if she was there, he wanted to ask her for help with a problem he had he'd seen that there were some people who were just happy with.

Cutting loose is a for want of a nail naruto fanfic written by chengar qordath, although it seems to be on hiatus as it hasn't been updated since october 2011the basic premise revolves around naruto becoming friends with tenten while still at the academy, and ultimately graduating a year earlier than he did in canon and joining team gai in. Nejiten (japanese ネジテン nejiten) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between neji hyuuga and tenten neji and tenten were placed in the same team along with lee during the chunin exams, neji specifically told his team to find some information on the scrolls, and then come back.

Naruto dating game for girls let the game begin selena tags romance anime/manga fanfiction naruto x reader itachi x reader sasuke x reader akatsuki x reader kiba x reader naruto one shots reader insert anime dating oh isn't this fun _____it's so exciting tenten exclaimed as she tugged on your handyou shrug not reallyi. Lol i'm a nh fan myself but tbh i always knew that if naruto ended up with hinatashe'd be second choice just cause he was always into sakura.

Shikatema (シカテマ shikatema) is the term used to describe the romantic relationship between shikamaru nara and temari shikamaru and temari first met during the chuunin exams, where they were paired to fight against each other shikamaru had no interest in fighting, but the aggressive temari. Secret love by jupmod (aka jpmod) yet to the astonishment of both the third and tenten, naruto simply grinned a bit sadly and said to his pseudo-grandfather that he was forgiven, for least he'd tried to give him a good life the sandaime smiled back as tenten hugged her friend from behind him once he was reassured that tenten would keep naruto. Sakura's choice introduction sequel to the assassination of kiba inuzuka ino, tenten, and temari pressure sakura to choose between naruto and sasuke because even though sakura us happy with naruto, sasuke, who was dating. Tenten turned around as naruto called out her name as he caught up and fell into step with her he grinned brightly and put his hands to rest behind his head.

Notes: sorry for the delay hmm about the talk between naruto and tenten, you'll know why she was so horny in chapter 7 when naruto talked with tenten about killing people, he said that he didn't kill innocent people, but that was a lie, he didn't want to give bad advice to tenten. Read meeting tenten from the story she is a fighter (naruto fanfiction) by madcat1 (harmony) with 3,384 reads hinata, sakura, kiba i look at the leaf in my h.

You are reading nejiten a high school story (a naruto fanfic) fanfiction what happens when neji and tenten meet in high school for the first time. Read the chunin exams from the story the angel anbu (a naruto fanfiction) by artyfart with 5,505 reads narutouzumaki, narutofanfic, stormrelease naruto. Browse through and read thousands of naruto hinata sakura ino tenten stories and books. Major note - june 5, 2012: i'm uploading 18 chapters of my unexpected love fic from fanfictionneti'd written the fic using ms word and had saved the chapters in document format in order to easily upload to ffnet given ffnet has begun targeted fics with lemons, thus why i'm uploading my lemon fics here.

Read chapter eleven from the story just your average girl [a sasuke romance] by misschryss (chrystiina) with 9,978 reads alternateuniverse, sakura, sasuke al. Read chapter 7 (tenten) from the story old lovers a naruto fanfiction by silverkitty77 with 868 reads shikaino, romance, shikamarunara a/n: are you guys get. Tenten and neji were comrades but maybe a little more it says in the databooks that tenten is clearly annoyed with lee and guy, but she still shows love and affection towards them but why because they’re nakama lee and tenten won’t work at al.

Naruto and tenten dating fanfiction
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